A likkle Yaad inna Nigeria! #45

October 22, 2017


Hey Guys,

One of the greatest things about culture is that no matter where you go you can bring a piece of home with you.  I’m proud of my Jamaican heritage and I make it my duty to find other Jamaicans in every country I live in or visit.  I guess I do it because it makes me feel closer to my family and provides me a sense of what’s familiar.

Last year I attended an event sponsored by the South Korean embassy and I had the pleasure of meeting the Jamaican ambassador the Honorable Ann Scott.  By that time I had been living in Nigeria for roughly 4 – 5 months and so I was longing to meet some Jamaican people.

Meeting the Jamaican Ambassador for the first time.

Back in September, I received an invitation from the ambassador inviting me to a party at her house.  I went with my fellow Jamaican gal pal and homegirl Marla and we had a total blast!  It felt like all of the Jamaicans in Abuja came out to have a good time and I was ready to join them.

After having a rum punch and hearing the reggae music playing in the background it was smiles all around.

I’m hoping that we can do more events in the future but for now I’m glad that I have some of my people here with me.


Tek care and walk good!


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