A Ghana Wonderland #47

December 30, 2017


I know it’s been a minute but I’m back and I’m getting back into the groove of things.  I spent my Christmas break in Ghana and it was everything that I thought it would be.  First let me preface this introduction with a brief history lesson so you can fully understand why this trip to Ghana was important to me emotionally and spiritually.


For many Jamaicans when discussing direct connections and ancestry to a particular African nation, the first country that will usually pop up would be Ghana.  Some of us like to believe that we are the descendants of those brave Asante warriors from Ghana, also known as the Maroons of Jamaica.  Their story is amazing and intriguing, especially our national hero and Asante princess Nanny.

It is clearly evident that our Jamaican flag has paid tribute to Ghana by using the same colors as the Asante kingdom’s flag.

Left: Jamaican Flag, Right: Asante Kingdom Flag

Now, is it true that all Jamaican’s share Ghanaian ancestry? No, in fact, there are traces of other African groups in Jamaica such as the Igbo of Nigeria and more.  Last year I decided to take the Ancestry.com DNA test to see what my ancestry break down was.  I just knew that I was 100% Ghanaian lol…but my results only showed a measly 4%…but I’m gonna claim that 4% LOL.

Screen Shot 2018-02-14 at 10.28.56 AM

Back to the trip

So on December 17, 2017, my homegirl Kisha and I got a little behind schedule getting to our local airport in Abuja. We met an airline worker who basically took us from the ticket agent, past immigration, past security, and directly to the plane.  Tom was the MVP to set the trip off RIGHT!!!!

As soon as we arrived in Ghana’s airspace I knew I was home…I could feel it pulling me, calling me.  Kisha and I disembarked the plane and headed through immigration with ease.  The vibe of the people was completely chill and calm…the complete opposite of what I have experienced living in Nigeria.

Once we arrived in Accra we were greeted by our host Prince who owns Palace Afrika Guest Lodge (You can find is information here: https://www.facebook.com/PalaceAfrika/). Now many people know that Nigerians and Ghanaians are extremely proud of their famous jollof rice! Depending on where you are it could cause WWIII so you better watch what you say lol.  My preference has always been Ghanaian Jollof and for the first time since living in Nigeria, I was able to satisfy my craving for it.  Prince took us to a local restaurant not too far from his guest lodge and I ate my heart out!!!!!! The rice was perfect! #TeamGhana (Don’t tell my Nigerian boyfriend!!!! LOL)


After our meal, we settled in for the night and began our tour bright and early the next morning.  We started off at the W.E.B. Du Bois Memorial Centre in Accra and it was a great experience.  It was great to see the home of Dr. Du Bois and how he lived during the latter part of his life in Ghana.  I studied all about his life and philosophy during my elementary education right through college.  I was especially pleased to see the Alpha Phi Alpha shirt that was hung in one of the rooms.  As a Black Greek Letter Organization member, I was proud to see it there and got to explain the significance behind our organizations to my tour guide.

It was time for dinner and we opted to go to JamRock Jamaican restaurant in the East Legon area and it was a truly authentic experience! Di food did nice yuh see!  I got my favorite dish of oxtail and rice and peas!  We would venture out to JamRock on 2 other occasions and they had live music with a band of bobo dreads! It’s worth the visit!

The next day we visited the Kwame Nkrumah museum and I was seriously hyped because President Nkrumah was a member of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc.  So for me, that meant I was visiting Phamily!!!! Whether it’s Sigma or Zeta…IT’S ALL PHI BETA!!!!


A few days before Christmas we took a minivan from the Medina bus station to the Cape Coast.  I didn’t realize how far it was from Accra…it took us roughly 3-4 hours due to traffic, but once we got to the coast it was AMAZING!!!!

Emotions were very high once we got to Cape Coast Castle because you can feel the presence of our ancestors. Once we got into the dungeons and saw how they kept our people…it made tears run down my face. I’m glad that I came to see this for myself.  The idea that one man can treat another in an inhumane way is so disturbing and wicked.  Nevertheless, our people were resilient and we the children of the diaspora have returned home.

Christmas was great because my Airbnb host does an annual party for all the kids in his community.  We fed the kids, played fun games, and awarded each child with a prize.  It was such a beautiful experience.  They came dressed to impress and had such a good time.


My spirit fell in love with Ghana even before I came and this trip made that love grow deeper.  I will return to Ghana in March and I will have a BIG surprise for all of you! So make sure you stay tuned!!!!!




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