Welcome to Mobays #48

February 10, 2018

Wah Gwan People!


Anyone who really knows me knows that I love to express my love for family and friends by feeding them.  My friends Marla (Jamaican), Khenye (Sierra Leone) and I decided to host a taste of Jamaica at The Cube Cafe (owned by Khenye) and it was an awesome time.  We settled on Bob Marley’s birthday weekend and put together a small menu that would make the meat eaters and vegetarians happy.


We started cooking and decorating The Cube Cafe and in anticipation of customers


We decided to have everyone outside to enjoy the night air and delicious food. The DJ came through and blessed us with some decent reggae, rockers, soca, and dancehall.

I got the sorrel and carrot juice made and bottled, the curry goat was hot and ready to go, and we can’t forget the JERK CHICKEN!!!!!! We offered rice and peas, salad, and fried plantains with each dish.


Customers started rolling in and we that’s when the fun really began!

Once people finished eating they moved to the dance floor and held it DOWN!!!! I’ll post the videos soon.

This was a long life dream for me…to cook for folks and share my love for my culture.  I am proud of my culture and to be a Jamaican. Hopefully, when I get to my next assignment I’ll be able to do this again.



Until such time…Keesh!img_9324

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