The Colonizer #50

June 2018,

Hey there Peeps,

I know it’s been a while, but so many things have happened since I’ve posted last.  So I am no longer in Nigeria, and I’ve moved to Ghana (partially), but let me explain first.  One of the things about working at international schools is that when new administrators are hired, they often come with their own visions of what they’d like to do.  Sometimes part of their vision includes bringing along their educator friends with them.  In my case, this is what happened to me…but like my man B.I.G said…”It’s all good, baby, baby!”


I am grateful for my time in Nigeria, and it was great! I fell in love, made great friends, lived in a black nation, and got to see that Africa is the place for me.  I loved waking up to beautiful sunrises, sunsets, great people, and felt a real connection to a place that my ancestors guided me to.  Nigeria was important for many different reasons but it enabled me to fulfill a life long dream of living on the continent. I like to joke around and say that living in Naija was like African boot camp lol…it prepared me for all the possible life situations that occur on the continent.  Another thing my experience in Nigeria taught me is that I must be the one in control of my time in Africa and no one else.  Africa is my birthright.  I am a daughter of the diaspora and it is my right to be there, to have someone who is not part of the diaspora (a guest) tell me otherwise is not acceptable and will never happen to me again.


Thank you for all the love and all the lessons you’ve taught me Nigeria. I will love you forever.



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