About Me


Ah Wah Gwan!!! (Hello everyone)

I’m Kisha, a divorcée in my late 30’s who has decided to take a needed break and try to find real meaning and purpose in my life. I’ve decided to use my education as my passport to see the world, while building a career for myself. So far I’ve been blessed to visit 16 beautiful countries, and I’m excited to see where God will lead me for my next journey. I was born to Jamaican parents in New York City (The Boogie Down Bronx) and I am a product of NYC public schools.

I’m a firm believer in supporting Historical Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU’s) and I am proud that I attended Oakwood University and Alabama A&M University.

So here are some quick facts about me!

1. I’m a school counselor working in China. (See blog #1 to find out how I got the job)

2. I love to cook, entertain, sing and read…especially books by Beverly Jenkins!

3. My favorite show of all time is A Different World…love me some Dwayne Wayne!!!!!! (Need to find my own Dwayne Cleophus Wayne LOL)

4. I have a BA in social science, MS in secondary education/social science, and an MS in guidance and counseling.

5. I like hanging with the locals when I travel and often do.

6. I’m passionate about encouraging black and hispanic educators to pursue careers in international education because we are grossly underrepresented in this field.

Places I’ve traveled: Jamaica, Bermuda, France, Germany, Belgium, Sweden, Denmark, The Netherlands, Finland, China, Hong Kong, Macau, Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia (Bali), and  India.  I’m really hoping to add some African countries to this list soon.

As I write and share my experiences with you it’s my hope that you will become inspired to do the same thing! If I can do this so can you! I’m just a regular girl from the Bronx who decided to stop thinking about my life and started living it.

Next year I plan on doing some give aways so make sure that you follow along for the ride!

Peace & Blessings,


3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Kisha! I am a New Yorker currently considering a career in international schools. I was looking up NCPA and your brilliant/hilarious blog popped up. I see that you are a counselor too and from the Bronx (I’m from uptown, now living/working in the Bronx). I was wondering if you would ever be down to SKYPE (I see you are now in Nigeria) to chat. I do not know any counselors working internationally, let alone one from New York . Regardless if we speak or not, I’ve really enjoyed looking at your blog 🙂


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